Our first beer

After much experimenting, tasting and fine-tuning, the Waardamse Tripel is a succes with family and friends. The brewery is then located in Jan's garage, with the blessing of his wife.

A fateful meeting

Jan De Waele and Levi Høgenhall become neighbours in Waardamme. Jan experimented with spirits, while Levi learned to brew as a child. They become good friends and decide to make their own triple.


Incorporating Stokhove

Jan & Levi's beers are becoming a success in Waardamme. After following courses to become brewmasters, they decide to incorporate Stokhove.


Our first award

The Waardamse Tripel is invited to participate in the annual Bruges Beerfestival ... and is elected 'Best Beer' on its first participation! The Tripel also wins in 2015 and 2016.


Expanding by moving

To meet the increasing demand, it becomes time to leave the garage and rent a small dedicated space in the Akkerstraat. Jean-Paul Proesmans joins the team.


Moving again

The line-up of beers expand, as does the demand, and after only a couple of years Stokhove moves to an even larger location.


Continuing professionalisation

Andy Ramandt joins the team as CEO to guide the continuing professionalisation of Stokhove in the next year, while Jean-Paul retires.


We have another winner

Stokhove introduces the Triple Joe at the Bruges Beerfestival. The triple, infused with our own raw whisky, joins the Waardamse Triple as a winner of the festival, again on its introduction.


Overcoming challenges

After a few difficult years, some hard decisions were needed. We returned to our roots, concentrated on our top beers, and moved to a smaller location. Jan also left as a director, enjoining retirement.

Flavours of Beer 10 Flavours of Beer
Flavours of Whisky 2 Flavours of Whisky
Gold Medals 4 Gold Medals
Years and counting 10 Years and counting