Waardamse beer vinegar

Stokhove’s beer vinegar is made from the WAARDAMSE TRIPEL, winner of the “Brugges Bierfestival”, Best Beer in 2014, 2015 and 2016.
A specialised fungus was developed for this vinegar that only lives on the WAARDAMSE TRIPEL. After the first fermentation of the wort*, the fungus is injected, whereby the primary alcohol present in the beer is converted to vinegar. This releases the unique aromas of the malt and the hops used in the beer, which result in a golden, delicious, aromatic vinegar, in which the characteristic flavors of the WAARDAMSE TRIPEL can be fully found. This top product, the only one in Belgium, is ideal for use, on salads, in mayonnaise or in the preparation of vinaigrettes and sauces.

*Wort is the sweetish liquid that is obtained during ‘maisching’. It contains the sugars obtained from the malt starch.